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The ultimate goal of BCDiploma is to certify diplomas in the simplest, most secure, and sustainable way possible, by associating Ethereum technology with a high level of cryptography.

As EdTech experts and higher education specialists, we know the expectations of schools in this domain. Facing the falsification of their diplomas and an increased competition, they are ready to offer their graduates an innovative digital service to protect their image.

ANN Thread:
Pre ANN thread:

BCD Bounty Campaign

What is a bounty campaign ?

A bounty campaign is a Public Relations Event when a project is being promoted by its participants and supporters. Usually, the term “bounty campaign” is being used in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) crowdsale campaigns. Participation in such campaigns is rewarded with blockchain tokens offered for sale during an ICO/ITS. We reserve the right to make changes to the following terms or apply new ones.

How can I earn BCDT tokens ?

0.5% of all BCDT tokens minted will be reserved for the bounty campaign.

Example: if hard cap is reached there will be 150,000,000 BCD tokens minted. There will be 750,000 BCDT tokens reserved for the bounty campaign.
During ITS rate will be approximately 1 BCDT = USD 0.12 (it will depend on the ETH/USD exchange rate).

To earn BCDT, simply accumulate stakes by the end of the BCDT token sale. At the end of the tokens sale, stakes for each category will be added up and used to calculate the number of BCDT you will receive. The number of BCDT you will receive for a particular bounty category is proportional to the number of stakes you’ve earned in that category.

For example:
You earn 600 stakes for your Telegram campaign participation.

At the end of the campaign, there are 16,800 stakes earned by all Telegram participants.

Hard cap is reached so there are 150,000 BCDT allocated to the Telegram category (20%).

Then you will earn 150,000 * 600 / 16,800 = approx. 5,357.14 BCDT (equivalent approx. USD643 based on actual estimate ITS price, may vary)

Requirements to get paid:

You can join at any time (or if there are available slots, if applicable) but you need to stay until the end of the crowdsale.

Provide an Ethereum Wallet Address (use only a wallet which you have private key. Do not use any exchange address). BCDT is an ERC-20 token. Check your address, further modifications will not be permitted.

All payments will be made after the ITS sale.


Bitcointalk Signature campaign (23% 10% of Total Bounty)

From 43,125 BCDT (soft cap) to 172,500 BCDT (hard cap) tokens reserved for this campaign. Update 10/02: Nobody is applying, we reallocate tokens to the WP translation.
From 18,750 to 75,000 BCDT (hard cap) tokens reserved for this campaign.
In order to participate, you should be at least Member or have higher rank at

50 30 participants maximum. Users will not be chosen on a first-come-first-serve basis. They are chosen based on post quality and forum contribution..

How to apply:

Fill the form:

Check if you’re in:

Signature campaign launching now! Don't wear signature before being approved!


You need to keep the signature until the end of the crowdsale, we do not allow multiple signatures.

You need to do at least 10 constructive posts in a week to receive your stake for the given week.

Post in Following Discussion Boards: Politics and Society, Off-Topic, Archival, Auctions, Lending, Beginners and Help will not count.

Post in this thread and any bounty thread will not count.

Low quality posts will not be counted.

Negative trust members are not allowed to join this campaign.

Wednesday (UTC+02:00 time zone) is the starting day for each week period.

We may not accept you in the campaign for any reasons.

We reserved the right to remove you from the campaign at any time if we think you are not honest, or spam the forum; in that case payment will be denied.

Your rank will be set at the beginning of the campaign and will remain the same for calculation.

We will not remove you from the campaign if you doesn't meet the minimum amount of posts. You will just not received any stake.

Weekly Campaign Rates :

Legendary Member : 2.5 Stakes
Hero Member : 2 Stakes
Senior Member : 1.5 Stakes
Full Member : 1 Stake
Member : 0.5 Stake

Users wearing the official avatar will be eligible for an additional 0.5 stake.


Bitcointalk Translation and Moderation (15% 28% of Total Bounty)

From 28,125 to 112,500 BCDT tokens reserved for this campaign.
From 52,500 to 210,000 BCDT tokens reserved for this campaign.

Earn Tokens as a Reward for translating Announcement Thread of BCDiploma, by actively moderating the thread and keeping it active by posting regular updates, news or any important announcements in the local translated thread.

Here is the ANN Thread you need to translate (do your best to respect the layout please):

How to apply:

Fill the form to propose a language:

We will send you a message if you’re in but you can check your status (valid or not) here:

It’s not a first come first served basis, we will check your profile and eventual previous translated work.

Come here to see any updates

Translation Terms and Conditions:

Warning: a single post dead thread is useless and will not be accepted.

Translation should represent original work, if you use tools such as Google Translate, automatic translators and so on, your submission will be rejected and blacklisted.

For stake counting, only the posts of the OP are counted towards Moderation activity. Translators should be active, if OP becomes inactive, he will be disqualified.

Do not make unnecessary multiple posts to increase stake numbers, this will result in the posts not to be counted and a penalty.

You take the responsibility to moderate your thread by keeping it active with translated official announcements, news and updates regularly, until the end of the crowdsale. If a translator just posts the thread and leaves it dead, with no updates, he will either be disqualified.

There are additional rewards for active moderation.

We reserve the right to reject a proposal.


WhitePaper translated (6 languages max): 300 stakes (you'll have to translate, no layout task)
ANN translated thread: 100 Stakes (translate + layout like original ANN Thread)
Moderation/Management: 5 Stakes per Valid Post.

Twitter (30% of Total Bounty)

From 56,250 to 225,000 BCDT Tokens reserved for the Twitter Campaign.
Help us spread the word by participating in the Twitter Campaign and earning Tokens for your contribution.

Big reward, please read carefully
Example to understand the reward:

You have 1500+ followers, you have 5 tweet/RT rewarded per week, during 12 weeks; you'll earn 5*5*12=300 Stakes.

50 participants maximum, if average earn is 200 Stakes each, there will be 10,000 Stakes for Twitter Campaign.

ITS is successful, there are 225,000 BCDT/10,000 Stakes that means 22,5 BCDT per stake for Twitter Campaign.

You have 300 Stakes so you earn 300*22,5 = 6,750 BCDT

During ITS, 1 BCDT will be approx. USD 0.12 (depends of ETH/USD exchange rate) so you'll earn equivalent of USD 810 for the whole campaign (that's an example, it may vary!).

About 50 participants.

How to Apply:

Follow BCDiploma here:

Register with this form:

Check the "status" row, if it shows "Approved" then you are in:

Report weekly here:


Big reward so you must have a high quality Twitter account, we will check it closely!

1 qualifying tweet about BCDiploma will be rewarded per day (maximum 5 per week). (New rule, starting 10/03 for the 3rd week)

Tweets and comments must be in English or French.

Make 1 of the followings per day (total 5 max/week):

personal tweets about BCDiploma (no copy/paste from other participant will be allowed) including the #BCDiploma hashtag

retweets from @BCDiploma tweets + personal comment and add #BCDiploma hashtag

Please don't retweet old tweets, try to retweet fresh BCDiploma's tweets and don't forget personal comment and #BCDiploma hashtag

Simple RT will not count!

We will not count tweets that do not meet the requirements! Check the spreadsheet, many participants do not follow the rules so their tweets are not rewarded)

Every wednesday report your tweets/RT URLs for the past week on this form:

Wednesday (UTC+02:00 time zone) is the starting day for each week period.

Keep following us until the end of crowdsale (even if you don't post every week).

Weekly Campaign Rates:

Tier 1: Having 10,000+ followers: 10 stakes per tweet/retweet
Tier 2: Having 1500+ followers: 5 stakes per tweet/retweet
Tier 3: Having 750+ followers: 2 stakes per tweet/retweet
Tier 4: Having 250+ followers: 1 stake per tweet/retweet

Telegram (20% of Total Bounty)

From 37,500 to 150,000 BCDT Tokens reserved for the Telegram Campaign
Become a member of our News/feed chan and Discussion chat. Start earning BCD Tokens by participating to the chat.

How to Apply:

Register here:

Join the BCDiploma official Discussion group:

Join the BCDiploma official News/feed group:


Do not mention the Bounty Campaign in the channel.

Participate in the Discussion group.

Follow and respect the Guidelines.

Be active and supportive in the channel, but don’t overdo it.

Stay in the 2 channels until the end of the crowdsale.

Activity % will be checked weekly by Combot (Wednesday is the starting day for each week period). If your flood ratio (showed by Combot) is bad we reserve the right to disqualified you for the week.

Activity % of BCDiploma team members will not count in the ranking.

Wednesday (UTC+02:00 time zone) is the starting day for each week period.

We reserve the right to remove you from the campaign if you are not following the rules.

Weekly Campaign Rates:

Based on Activity % showed by Combot (attention: bad "flood ratio" could disqualified you)
If you are in top 3: 100 stakes.
If you are ranked 4 to 10: 50 stakes.
If you are ranked 11 to 20: 20 stakes.
If you are ranked 21 to 50: 5 stakes.


FULL / 4 admins, reward 100 stakes per week (+ weekly campaign rates above). You’ll have to:

Remind the guidelines.

Be helpful and polite.

Remove content that doesn’t respect guidelines.

Block users who doesn’t respect the guidelines after warning.

Be active every day.

You’ll have access to a private FAQ to help you answering people.

Reddit (10% of Total Bounty)

From 18,750 to 75,000 BCDT tokens reserved for this campaign.

How to apply:

Your account should be at least 20 days old and have 10 posts or comment karma.

Every time you post/comment, fill the form with your details:


For a post to be counted, it needs to be posted in one of the following subreddits, or cryptocurrency related subreddits: r/bcdiploma (coming), r/ethereum, r/ethtrader, r/icocrypto

Posts and Comments with negative Karma will not be accepted. Any kind of spam will not be rewarded either.

Stakes will be awarded when comments or posts have at least 5 upvotes

Register each post/comment here:

If you don’t register your post/comment, it will not be count.


Posts regarding BCDiploma or featuring BCDiploma
10 upvotes: 5 stakes
20 upvotes: 10 stakes
50 upvotes: 20 stakes
100 upvotes: 50 stakes
300 upvotes: 100 stakes

Comments about BCDiploma get calculated at a 1:5 rate compared to posts, meaning for example a comment of 20 upvotes will bring you 2 stakes.

Design campaign (2% of Total Bounty)

From 3,750 to 15,000 BCDT tokens reserved for this campaign.

Bitcointalk Signature Design


We will be selecting a single winner on next saturday (09/30)

Winner will be paid according our Bounty Campaign rules

Update 10/01 : winner is Revenant 02


Use our logo in your design

Ensure that you upload images of the signature. Do not use the BBCode. This will help protect you and us in case anyone tries to steal your entry signature. If you win, we will contact you to request a BBCode.

You should include a signature for Member, Full Member, Senior, Hero and Legendary rank.

We welcome multiple submissions. It increases your chance to win!


1 bitcointalk signature design winner: 50% of the reserved tokens for the design campaign.

Telegram Stickers Set Design contest


We will be selecting a single winner on next saturday (09/30)

Winner will be paid according our Bounty Campaign rules

Update 10/01 : winner is genshimaro


Design a stickers set for our Telegram channel (12 stickers minimum)

Protect the images you upload on the thread (watermark)

You can post just a sample

Be creative!


1 stickers set winner: 50% of the reserved tokens for the design campaign.