Status Closed

15 Oct - 30 Nov


1 500 000 3DC




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects


Official OP:

Began in 28 Dec 2016 00:00 UTC — Ended in Apr 25, 2017 00.00 UTC


(As the Blog articles bounty (125k 3dc) failed in the first round, it will be added to the 2nd round)

To be able to receive the bounties, you will need to register an account on in 15 Oct 2017 to claim the awarded 3DC after our campaign ends.

Begins in 15 Oct 2017 00:00 UTC — Ends in 30 Nov 2017 00.00 UTC

In the following advertising campaign, we want you to join us into making the Districts project known to the largest public, and be rewarded for it, this article will explain the bounty system to you.

Participation can be done in the following platforms: The Bictointalk forum, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Slack, Reddit, LinkedIn, and the official blogs. All activities will be done from a single page in our site, effortlessly, you’ll be able to watch a YouTube video, like a Facebook post, or make a retweet, and all your actions will be recorded to your account.

Of the maximum of 200 million 3DCoins that will be potentially released if the ICO reached the hard cap, a total of 2 million 3DCoins will be allocated to the bounty of which 500k have already been added to the accounts of participants in the first campaign, 1.5 million 3DCoins are at stake in this second and final one.

Amounts will be distributed among participants by points, for example, Twitter has 200k 3DC allocated to it, every tweet gives 20 points, a retweet 10, and a follow 10, if you have 200 points, and the total of points collected by participants is 10 000, you I’ll gain 2% of the 200k: 4000 3DCoins. To participate and receive the rewards, please create an account at



  • Spam is strictly prohibited.
  • Participants must write at least 10 quality posts every week.
  • Participants are not allowed to use another project’s avatar.
  • Participants are not allowed to change their signature in the middle of the campaign.
  • Participants with multiple signatures are disqualified.

If the post is not available in a language you master, you can reserve its translation by contacting us at or in the forum.

A translation gives 100 points; 5 points are added for each post in the thread.
if you choose to translate the Whitepaper an extra 250 points will be added to you account.

Reserved thread translations:
Indonesian translation -- -- Thanks to kamvreto.
Portuguese translation -- Thanks to Raxitto.
Polish translation -- --  Thanks to Jan Marcin.
Russian translation -- -- Thanks to pro100j.
indian translations -- -- Thanks to btvGainer
Filipino translation -- Reserved  for arwin100
Spanish translation -- -- Thanks to freemind1
Korean translation -- open
German translation -- open
French translation -- -- Thanks to syahril.
Italian translation --  open 
Turkish translation -- -- Thanks to torikan

Reserved whitepaper translations:
Filipino translation -- Reserved  for arwin100
Polish translation -- Reserved for Jan Marcin

The official Districts project signature will be provided and will promote the project in your posts, just like the avatar. The counting is weekly, and longtime supporters will get a bonus of 100 points for every three consecutive weeks.

Members and Jr. Member: 50 points per week.
Full members: 75 points per week.
Member, Hero or Legendary: 100 points per week.

The counting is also weekly.
Members and Jr. Member: 25 points per week.
Full members: 50 points per week.
Member, Hero or Legendary: 100 points per week.

Avatar 120x80

Likes, tweets, retweets, comments and shares are counted once per post, and are counted only if you are following or subscribed to our official page/section in the platform, for example, if you share one of our Facebook posts, you must also be liking our Facebook page for us to count your share. The contact minimums are 10friends for Facebook, 100 followers for tweeter, coefficents are applied to you points depending of the contacts number.

Coefficients   Facebook Friends   Tweeter Followers
X 1            |      10-30               |          100-300
X 2            |      30-100             |           300-1000
X 3            |      >100                |            >1000


(Tweets 20 pts)    |     (Retweets 10 pts)  |   (Follows 10 pts)


(Like 10 pts)   |    (Post 15  pts)   |       (Comments 20 pts)  |    (Share 20 pts)     |      (Publish to groups 30 pts)
Note: Facebook groups related to cryptocurrency/mining/trading with a minimum of 1000 member.


(Like 10 pts)   |    (Share 15 pts)   |     (Comment 25 pts)   |   (Follow 25 pts)


(Watch 10 pts)   |    (Like 10 pts)    |    (Comment 25 pts)   |   (Subscribe 25 pts)


(Post 20 pts)   |   (Subscribe 25 pts)



(Like 10 pts)    |    (Comment 25 pts)    |   (Share 20 pts)     |   (Follow 10 pts)

Link:    (Follow 20 pts)

Link:    (Join 10 pts)


(Join 10 pts)   

The blog article creation bounty in the first campaign is still intact, as all participants created fake copy/paste articles, it is restated in this campaign (125k 3DC max), the reward will go from 1 to 10 points, depending on the article quality.

To participate please fill this form:

1. Go to the dedicated bounty webpage: and create an account using your email.
2. In your dashboard, place your profile links and receive a unique code.
3. Place this code in your social profile page; it must be visible on your profile.
4. Get back to your bounty account and submit all your actions(Like, share, follow, comment) Links, your point rewards will be displayed to you after approval, an estimation of your maximum 3DCoin gains will also be displayed, based on the maximum coinbase.
5. Do not remove the code from your profile until the campaign ends.

Thank you for your support .
Join us on Telegram if you have any more questions