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9 Oct -22 Nov






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  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

We are happy to announce the WandX bounty program for the community, starting on 9th oct 2017. WandX aims to be the ethereum of Wall Street.  WandX is a decentralized platform on the Ethereum blockchain which enables users to create, trade, and settle any financial instrument on ERC20 Tokens. Using the Wand Token, users can invest in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), create ERC20 futures, create or trade in a portfolio of ERC20 Tokens.

WandX ICO starts on Oct 22, 2017. We invite you to participate in our bounty campaign and help the WandX project to build a wide and strong community.

Our Bitcointalk Thread can be found here:


Oct 9
'''' ''''
Nov 22

or when Hard Cap is (12,500 ETH)
is reached, whichever is earlier.

WandX Bounty token allocation:
Up to 1.5% of total crowd sale tokens sold, which is 720,000 tokens, if hard cap is reached.
Bounties are distributed based on stakes earned per participant per category. The distribution of tokens for the various bounty categories is as follows
Bitcointalk Signature Bounty (15%)
Facebook (30%)
Twitter (30%)
Video (25%)

FundYourselfNow( is our marketing & fundraising partner. You can buy WandX at our main  website and at also at our partner website FundYourselfNow. Their goal is to support as many quality crowd funded projects like WandX and grow the blockchain community. If you sign up at FundYourselfNow and get KYC verified, you get 1 Free FYN Token, and also be part of the FYN community marketing programme. FYN tokens are currently traded on Hitbtc, Coss and Etherdelta. (

Joining WandX & FundYourselfNow Telegram (our Fundraising and Marketing Partner) is mandatory for the participation in the WandX bounty campaign. You will need to provide us your telegram username and your contact email to participate

1) Join WandX telegram
2) Join FundYourselfNow Telegram

3) Fill out this registration form indicating which bounty categories you would like to participate in together with your ETH address.

4) ALL PARTICIPATION Results will be tracked here:

1. Only active bitcointalk users. All members need to post at least 50 posts having the WandX signature by the time the WandX ICO ends to be eligible for a reward.
2. Users with negative trust are not eligible for the bounty campaign.
3. Posts in the alternate crypto currencies section are required.
4. Spam is strictly prohibited. Users found spamming will be immediately and permanently disqualified, reported to the moderators, and banned from any other bounty campaign.
5. Using multiple signatures at the same time is prohibited.
6. You are not allowed to use another site's avatar.

1. Member: 1 stake / week
2. Full Member: 1.5 stakes / week
3. Senior Member: 1.75 stakes / week
4. Heroic Member: 2 stakes / week
5. Legendary Member: 2.5 stakes / week

+0.25 stakes per week, if you use WandX avatar + WandX personal text.
WandX avatar links:

Please set this personal text:
?  WandX Crowdsale: 22/10/17 ?
Signature campaign instructions:
1. Add the WandX signature campaign bb-code matching your account rank to the signature field of your Bitcointalk profile.
2. Fill up the participation form (see top of post)
3. Make at least 10 quality posts in a week.

If you have any questions regarding the signature campaign, please, use the WandX Telegram for communication. It will be the fastest way to communicate.
Just sign in to WandX Telegram and send a message to the group to clarify.

To Join WandX Twitter Campaign
1.   Follow WandX on Twitter:

2.   Indicate that you want to participate on the participation form (see top). Note that you are required to self-verify your twitter account using A minimum quality score of 85% is required for participation.

Twitter bounty campaign rules:
– Only One Twitter account per person is allowed.
– Your Twitter account must have at least 500 followers.
– Your Twitter account needs to have at least 85% real followers.
– Tweets should include hashtag #WandXDapp. Retweets should from our Twitter account: @WandXDapp.
– Only 1 tweet or retweet per day will count and up to maximum 5 tweet or retweet per week.
– Tweets must be in English. You have to post your tweets and retweets in the bounty campaign thread every week.
– Post the links to your tweets to the thread before Sunday 23:59 UTC+8, otherwise no bounty stakes will be credited to you. Activity for ONE week should be in ONE message.

The stake rewards is as follows
500-2000 followers - 2 stakes / tweet or retweet.
2000-4000 followers  – 4 stakes / tweet or retweet.
4000 and more followers - 8 stakes / tweet or retweet.

Please use the sample weekly report post template at the end of this post.

Join our FB bounty campaign
1. Follow and like the official WandX Facebook page:
2. Sign up using our participation form. (see top of post)

Facebook bounty campaign rules:
– Only one Facebook account per person is allowed.
– Your Facebook account must have at least 300 real followers and at least 3 months ago
– You have to like and repost from our Facebook account:
– You have to make Facebook posts in a week about WandX, include hashtag #WandXDapp.
- Only 1 post per day will count and up to maximum 5 repost or post per week.
– Posts must be in English. You have to post your posts and reposts in the bounty campaign thread  every week.
– Post the links to your posts\reposts to the WandX bounty campaign thread before Sunday 23:59 UTC+8, otherwise no bounty stakes will be credited to you. Activity for ONE week should be in ONE message.
The stake rewards is as follows
300-2000 friends - 2 stakes / post or repost.
2000-4000 friends  – 4 stakes / post or repost.
4000 and more friends - 8 stakes / post or repost.
Please use the sample weekly report post template at the end of this post.

Spread the word about WandX to get rewards. Videos should be related to WandX product and idea. Videos regarding WandX bounty & participation instructions will only be accepted up to a certain limit.

1.   After fill out the registration form, submit your entry via this google form:

Campaign Rules

1.   Only English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Indonesian language accepted. Note that we reserve the right to change the bounty language or content guidelines if there is too much content focusing on a single language or topic.
2.   Content must be unique and your own creation.  Copying & passing off other people’s work as your own will result in a immediate ban and removal from the bounty programme.
3.   We reserve the right to reject low quality content that are badly created.
4.   Videos must be at least 1:30 Minute Long. In the description of Video, you must have one link of the official website, and one link to FundYourselfNow website.
6.   In the description of Video, you have to write 70+ words unique article about WandX

All content will be measured by their quality, length and audience. We reserve the right to award additional stakes to content creators when necessary.

The stake rewards is as follows:
Normal video – 40 stake
Good video  – 80 Stake
Excellent video – 160 Stakes