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  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects
(now 0.75% of tokens sold, previously 0.5%).


We're excited to announce the extension of our presale, and the Swarm Bounty Program!
The new Official Public Crowdsale dates are Oct 21 - Oct 27. 
A series of events has lead us to committing upon Crowdsale dates slightly further into future, in order to navigate the market parameters with full integrity and confidence.

We appreciate your passionate support, and want to share some details with you here: 

1. Post-sale Liquidity - Our liquidity process outlined in the Whitepaper had elicited requests from investors wanting more say over when their tokens would become liquid. We observed that otherwise interested investor groups became less keen once they learned of the lock-in schedule of 1/8th portioned token distribution. So, upon conclusion of the sale on Oct 27th will be our first-ever democratic vote, to deduce the win-win token liquidity schedule for all.

2. Poloniex Swarm Wallets - We have been petitioning Poloniex to re-enable the Swarm 1.0 token wallet so our early-stage contributors could participate in a token swap for the new Swarm 2.0 ERC20 token. Thankfully, Poloniex was able to unfreeze these tokens, only after our Token Swap deadline has concluded. Therefore, the team is coding a second Token Swap process to ensure all Swarm 1.0 tokens are honored all the same.

3. China Regulations - We all know the story here - Token Sales are being affected by changes in the Asian regulatory market. A number of investors from this region have directly requested more time to participate in the Swarm Token Sale, as they reorient themselves to new specifications. 

4. US Investor Accreditation - Continually surfing the regulatory wave, United States investors are being allocated more consideration for their position in relation to the Swarm Token Sale. We are accommodating their needs as we design a simple, compliant purchasing process for this demographic.

Overall, we are listening to our people, leaving no stone unturned, and moving forward with fervor.

Full details can be found in our most recent Swarm Fund Blog Post:

So what about the BOUNTY I hear you say?  

At this time, the Bounty Program in its original form holds .5% of tokens sold (2,500,000). So if you do the maths, that is currently only 12,500 tokens to be split across all segments of the Bounty.  

OK so now as an existing Bounty Hunter you have two choices:

1. Submit to us now that you are exiting the Bounty Program early by sending an email to pete@swarm.fundHowever, you will then only receive your stake's share of 0.5% sold so far...... that is your stake's share of 12,500 tokens, for each section you supported. It's not much, and could be more.

2. Double down with us for 1 more month, as we continue rolling the ever-growing Presale leading to the huge public sale on Oct 21st. For continuing Bounty Hunters, you will now be part of a Bounty extended to a pool of 0.75% of all tokens sold. Signature and avatar sign ups, please switch your sig the newly-dated versions below.

All bounties are paid at the end of the Public Token Sale.


Swarm.Fund Pre-sale Continues - Tier 2 Now Sold Out. 

Apply for the Pre-Sale Now


Swarm.Fund Token Public Sale begins October 21st.



The Swarm.Fund Evangelists Bounty Program



With the new extension to this campaign SWARM FUND are now allocating 50% more tokens than before! 

Upon completion of the public sale 0.75%(previously 0.5%) of all tokens sold, capped at 247,500 tokens (previously 165,000), will be thrown at our bounty program, equating to around $900,000 in fiat post sale.

We can’t wait to see the quality content you create, and welcome you all as true Swarm Evangelists.



Swarm Token Sale New Dates: October 21st - 27th

Standard Token Issuance: 100,000,000
Token Sale Target: 33,000,000 tokens up to $55m


1. Join our Slack and the #bounty_bar channel: SWARM SLACK SUSPENDED DUE TO PHISHING

2. Join our Telegram and say hi: SWARM TELEGRAM

3. Choose and apply for you favourite campaigns below. Post your commitment in this BitcoinTalk thread. We have 4 lucrative campaigns to get involved with:

Signature & Avatar Campaign (30%)

Twitter Campaign (20%)

YouTube Campaign (30%)

Blog Campaign (20%)


There are up to 74,250 total tokens (~$267,300) available for this pool.

We know you all love a good signature campaign! This is open to Junior Members and above. Sorry noobs!

Register for the Signature & Avatars Campaign -> Here

Keep track of your progress here: SWARM Signature & Avatar Bounty Progress

To earn your bounties:

Post 30 times in BitcoinTalk between 22nd September and 25th October. You may join any time up until 1st Oct
Write some relevant content about
Writing Hi, Yo, Hello or some short meaningless message doesn't count bro.
Keep your Swarm Fund Signature and Avatar displayed proudly throughout that whole time
Please just stick to these simple rules. We will be checking up. Smiley

Stakes System:

Jr Member and Member => 1 stake / week
Full Member => 1.5 stakes / week
Sr. Member => 2 stakes per week / week
Hero => 3.5 stakes per week / week
Legendary => 5 stakes per week / week
TWITTER CAMPAIGN ~ 20% of Bounty

There are up to 49,500 total tokens (~$178,200)  available for this pool.

Register for the SWARM Twitter Campaign -> Here

Keep track of your progress here: SWARM Twitter Bounty Progress

To earn your bounties:

Follow us on Twitter, @theswarmfund
RT at least 5 tweets per week, starting from September 22nd and ending October 24th.
Like 3 of our tweets per week.
Write 2 original tweets per week based on the Swarm Fund and  / or Token Sale progress
All original tweets must contains @theswarmfund and two hashtags out of  the following #ico #blockchain #tokensale

We'll use a bot to collate all followers and RTs, matching them against the above form's signups.

You must have over 80% on TwitterAudit on Twitter to participate.

Stakes System:

100 - 1500 followers  => 1 Stake / week
1500 - 4000 followers => 2 Stakes / week
4001 - 7000 followers => 3 Stakes /week
7001 - 12000 followers => 4 Stakes / week
12001 - 19000 followers => 6 stakes /week
19000+ => 8 Stakes / week

ReTweets, Original Tweets & likes are checkpointed every 3 days and conclude on October 25th.


There are up to 74,250 total tokens (~$267,300)  available for this pool.

Register for the SWARM YouTube Campaign -> Here

Keep track of your progress here: SWARM YouTube Bounty Progress

To earn your bounties:

Read our whitepaper and our blog and find something that grabs your interest.
Record an informative, 60 second (min.) video about Swarm Fund
Add the following link within your video description
“SWARM.FUND ICO - 22nd - 27th Oct -. SWARM.FUND ICO“
Post it to your YouTube channel.
Let us know about your video at Swarm by using this form: YouTube Submission Form
No fake views/bots - you will be disqualified

Stakes system:

1 - 200 total views => 1 Stakes / week since posting
201 - 500 total views => 2 Stake / week since posting
501 - 1000 total views => 3 Stakes / week since posting
1001 - 2000 total views => 4 Stakes / week since posting
2001 - 5000 total views =>  5 Stakes / week since posting
5001 - 10000 total views => 6 Stakes / week since posting
10001 - 20000 total views => 7 Stakes / week since posting
20001+ total views=> 8 Stakes / week since posting

Total traffic and views for YouTube Campaign are calculated at on October 25th.


There are up to 49,500 total tokens (~$178,200)  available for this pool.

We would prefer to have unbiased content from real view points, addressing, explaining or critiquing what it is that we are building here at Swarm Fund.

Register for the SWARM Blog Campaign -> Here

Keep track of your progress here: SWARM Blog Bounty Progress

To earn your bounties:

Read up on Swarm Fund by looking at our whitepaper and our blog and find something that grabs your interest.
Write an informative piece that will enlighten your readers about Swarm Fund
Include at least two of the following links within the writing:,
Post it on either Steemit, Medium or any other fine blogging platform
Notify us of your blog post by filling our Blog Submission Form [url=http://

Stakes System:

News updates ~ 400 words e.g. latest news or announcements etc.~ 1 stake
Original content ~ More than 500 words, e.g. a detailed look at one aspect of Swarm Fund ~ 3 stakes

Total traffic and views are calculated & looked at on October 25th.

Bounties will be calculated in the week after the public sale is completed on Oct 27th

Any questions, please do try to ask us in the Swarm Telegram