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  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects


BOUNTY Salt Coin




Scoin-token will be issued blockchain platforms: Ethereum - each investor can choose a currency he prefers foy payment (USD,EUR,BTC,ETH).  And it gives an opportunity to become a co-owner of a large industrial company.

Official Announcement Thread:

preSale dateAugust, 7 2017
preICO dateAugust, 23 2017
ICO dateSeptember, 24 2017

Name: Salt coin (Scoin)

Initial token price: 2.9 USD, but it is better to buy in ETH (1 ETH=75 Scoin.)

Bonuses :

preSale: X2
preICO: X1,5
100% money back on demand

from 1 token to 10k - X1
from 10k1 tokens to 100k - X1.1
from 100k1 tokens to 1000k - X1.2
from 1000k1 tokens to 10000k - X1.3
more then 10000k tokens - X1.35

Salt Coin Bounty Campaign

About 140K USD in tokens will be issued for the Bounty Program  (depends on ICO result).

Participants will be paid at the end of Campaign by stakes basis. Each participant bounty count will be calculated as:

Total bounty * Allocated percentage for this part of Campaign / Total participants stakes * Participant stake

Bounty allocation:

Translation & Community Management Bounty - 40% 

We’ll pay only for high quality translations!

Main thread translation: 50 stakes for translation + 1 stake per your (constructive!) post in translated thread 
WhitePaper & One-pager translation: 80 stakes
ICO-website translation: 50 stakes 

-20% for all who will translate after preICO.


List of reserved translations :

PM me for applying (please, check list of reserved translation first).

Articles and Media 30% 

Write an article or create a video about Salt Coin or/and about salt in industry and earn Scoin tokens!

Accepted languagesEnglish, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, German, French, Filipino, Arab
We need translation (Site, White Paper) from Russian to English and another language.

Article/Blog Rules:

•   1. Your text must be original.
•   2. Your text must contain at least 500 words.
•   3. Your post must include links to our ICO website or/and to our bitcointalk thread ()
•   5. Please include your bitcointalk name in the bottom of article
•   6. Website there you will publish your article  should have at least 5K visitors per month (we'll check it via Similarweb)

Stakes number will be depends on article quality:

- Bad - 0 stakes
- Normal - 10 Stakes
- Medium - 30 Stakes
- Good -  50 Stakes

Media/Video Rules:

   1. Your video must be original
   2. You video must be at least 2 minutes long ( or 1 minute for Instagram)
   3. Video resolution should be at least 720p
   4. Please include your bitcointalk name in the video description

Stakes number will be depends on video quality AND number of views:

- Bad - 0 stakes
- Normal - 10 Stakes
- Medium - 30 Stakes
- Good -  50 Stakes

- If number of views will be more 1000 you'll receive +30% stakes
- If number of views will be more 10 000 we'll double your stakes


Submit Your Articles and Video here(registration):

Social Media  (Facebook and twitter etc.) - 25%

We will frequently post some updates and announcements. 

You will be earn stake(s) for each: 

  - retweet/repost 
  - tweet mentioning @SaltCoin twitter account and/or  including SaltCoin ICO website ( and #SaltCoin hashtag
  - FB post mentioning @SaltCoin facebook page and/or  including SaltCoin ICO website ( and #SaltCoin hashtag.

Stakes number will be depends on you followers number:

  - Under 500 followers: 1 stake 
  - 501-1000 followers: 2 stakes 
  - 1001 or more followers: 4 stakes


- Only 1 account per person is allowed
- Your account must have at least 200 real followers .
- Only 1 post/repost/tweet/retweet per day will be counted. 
- Twitter account followers will be based on an audit from
- You should retweet/repost only a post that is no older than one week.

4: Other - 5%

Your your offers.