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27 500 000 LEND




  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

Total Bounty Budget: 25 million LEND + 2,5 million LEND for Social Media Campaign from Week 3 onwards!

The Bounty is allocated as follows:

Social Media campaign: (7,5 million LEND) (+2,5 million LEND for Contributions from Week 3 onwards!)
Blog and Media Campaign: (5 million LEND)
Translation Campaign: (5 million LEND)
Signature Campaign: (7,5 million LEND)

All Bounty LEND is allocated after the end of the token sale and token distribution.

Please submit all bounty contributions via our Slack:

Social Media Bounty:

Participants up to 3rd of September:

Statistics of contributions for Weeks 1, 2 and 3:

7,5 Million LEND is allocated for social media bounties and a further 2,5 million LEND for contributions from Week 3 onwards.

This bounty is limited to 500 participants starting from member rank.

Brainstorming Bounty on Reddit:

Join our Reddit at:

And FIRST, Upvote all the posts that ETHLend has.

Then post your suggestion, idea, or other brainstorming and comment on others as well on the below brainstorming thread. We be creative and post something that you find interesting or a good idea. Don’t spam or write nonsense. If you do not have anything to post, just use our other social media bounties


All of the followers should be real followers.

Follow us on Twitter: 625 LEND (or 625 STAKES from Week 3 onwards) every week until the end of ICO.


For every Retweet or Mention you will receive:

625 LEND (625 STAKES) for 100-300 followers on your Twitter account
1 250 LEND (1 250 STAKES) for under 1000 followers on your Twitter account
2 500 LEND (2 500 STAKES) for 1 000 or more followers on your Twitter account

You must keep the tweets, mentions and retweets until the end of the token sale.

Sign up here:

Post your tweets and retweets every week by this form:


First, join our Facebook page to be eligible:

Then, Share ETHLend FB site news on your timeline.

Every share 625 LEND (625 STAKES), if 100-500 friends. If more than 500 friends 1 250 LEND (1 250 STAKES)

Sign up here:

Post your shares every week by this form:


First, Follow our Company page on LinkedIn:

Then, share ETHLend updates on with our network and say something interesting about the update.

Every share 1 250 LEND (1 250 STAKES), if less 100-500 connections. 2 500 LEND (2 500 STAKES) if more than 500 connection on your network.

Sign up here:

Post your activities every week by this form:

Telegram / Discord

Join our Telegram: 

Sign-up for Telegram or Discord bounty:

And get 250 LEND (250 STAKES) for joining Twitter or Discord (500 LEND((STAKES)) for joining both)


Introduce yourself by telling where are you located and WRITE on general (a) how you became interested in crypto (we want to know) or (b) tell what you are working on at the moment or (c) tell what do you think of ETHLend, what benefits it has or drawbacks ETHLend has or (d) how would you suggest to develop ETHLend further (brainstorming). Your contribution is important to us    

Other requirements:

You must join the channel and stay until the end of the token sale (would love to have you even longer).
Using bad language, spamming or being an **hole does not