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29 Mar - 30 May






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CalenDollar BitcoinTalk Announcement Thread


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Token Economics



TOKEN TYPE                        ERC -20
TICKER                              CLND
TOTAL SUPPLY                    210,000,000
SOFT CAP                          $2.5M
HARD CAP                         $12.5M


PAYMENT METHOD              BTC OR ETH OR 21 + other cryptocurrencies 


The rules of each bounty pool are different, the sizes of the pools are different, and points do not carry over from pool to pool. PLEASE READ ALL RULES CAREFULLY

You may only register for each pool ONCE. We reserve the right to disqualify or withhold bounty payouts to any member we suspect of attempting to cheat or exploit any of the rules as written below. We also have zero tolerance for spam, cheating, or abuse.

Total coins supply of CALENDOLLAR CLND coins - 210,000,000  

Coins for bounty program  -  4,200,000 ( 2% )

 15%     - FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN   - 6,30,000 coins 
 25%     - TWITTER CAMPAIGN      - 10,50,000 coins
 20%     - TELEGRAM CAMPAIGN    - 8,40,000 coins
 25%     - SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN IN BITCOIN TALK   - 10,50,000 coins 
 15%     - TRANSLATION    - 6,35,000 coins


1. Have at least 200 friends and make privacy settings open for your page
2. Register your participation on this link:
3. Follow and Like the official page on Facebook
4. Like and Share at least 4 posts per week, that gives your 4 stakes for each week.
5. Multiple accounts registrations are not allowed.
Thank you for your participation in our bounty-campaign! You can see statistics here:


Twitter bounty, contributors are rewarded for actively retweeting Calendollar's tweets. In order to be eligible for the reward, bounty hunters need to follow the official Calendollar twitter account.

Like & Retweet at least 4 posts per week, that gives your 4 stakes for each week.

Follow Calendollar official Twitter 

Register your participation on this link:

100 - 499 followers: 50 twitter_stakes per week
500 - 999 followers: 100 twitter_stakes per week
1000 - 2499 followers: 200 twitter_stakes per week
+2500 followers: 400 twitter_stakes per week
Bounty hunters will be rewarded based on the number of followers they had at the beginning of the campaign.
Multiple accounts registrations are not allowed.
Thank you for your participation in our bounty-campaign! You can see statistics here:


Join our Telegram , that gives your 1 stake
Post a message in this thread with the following information.
the first 1000 members of the telegram group will get 2 stakes for joining.
50 Users will get 100 coins each for being active on the telegram group every week. weekly winners will be announced on telegram group.
Register your participation on this link:


We offer a reward for translating the CLND Thread official post, white paper, and ANNs (including moderating local threads).  
1. Be at least in Jr. Member or upper rank to join the campaign
2. Register your participation on this link:
3. Each member should translate the official CLND BitcoinTalk Thread post, white paper, and original thread ANNs. In order to fulfill bounty task you need to create your local thread at Bitcointalk, moderate and manage it publishing the translated posts there.

Note: To Reserve a Language you must email or reach out to us via Bounty Telegram.. (do not PM here in this forum)

After Completing your Translation submit the link using this form: Register Here:

Moderation of thread contains 2 mandatory conditions: 
1) each registered member must make at least 3 posts per week in his/her local BTT thread.
2) In the created thread the bounty participant should answer the questions of other users, publish the news and useful information about project and its ICO. 
Please mind that the official BTT announcement and prospectus may undergo modification. In case any changes applied to the original resources, translators are to be contacted personally via email. Once you have registered to this campaign, please wait till we contact you. DO NOT start translation before you get our instructions!
Please find the materials to be translated below:
CalenDollar Bitcointalk Thread
CalenDollar WhitePaper
The format of all original posts and documents should be retained. Non-qualified and incomplete translations and posts are to be excluded from the campaign. All campaign participants will be provided with original sources.

1 announcement thread translation = 100 stakes
1 press release translation = 150 stakes
1 website translation = 50 stakes
1 whitepaper translation = 500 stakes
1 post from OP translator in translated announcement thread = 1 stake


1. Have to be at least in a Jr.Member rank so to wear CLND signature
2. Register your participation on this link:
3. Make at least 40 publications about Pre-Sale and Main-Sale (without spam!)
4. All 40+ comments will be granted with 2 extra stakes
5. Having negative Trust score attached to the participant’s profile is forbidden
6. Stakes are calculated depending on the participants’ rank accordingly.
7.Thank you for your participation in our bounty-campaign! You can see statistics here: 

Hero/Legendary : 3 Stakes
Sr.Member: 2.5 Stakes
Full Member : 2 stakes
Member: 1.5 Stakes
Jr. Member: 1 Stake