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7 Mar - 30 Apr






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  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects
More than a merely decentralized system for data storage, transmission and direct content distribution

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Bounty Allocation

Bitcointalk — 25%
YouTube — 35%
Twitter — 20%
Facebook — 20%


General Rules


To be eligible for the reward, join the campaign(s) of your choice no later than April 30, 2018Registration forms can be found below:




Make sure that you send us a short report on your activity every week, by Sunday midnight (GMT). Please post it in this bounty thread.  Late reports will not be credited
We'll gladly provide you with the stakes earned as long as all the requirements of the campaign in question have been met. If you have any questions, contact us to clarify all the ambiguities in advance
You're welcome to post your questions in this thread, ping the administrators in our official Telegram group or write to anytime
We'll check your weekly reports within 2-3 days. The stakes each participant earned will be displayed in this spreadsheet
All the posts and reposts should be in English only. This will allow us to check all of them in a timely manner and assess their meaningfulness and adequacy. A video may be in any language provided that it has English subtitles
Spamming is strictly prohibited. Only relevant and meaningful posts are credited
There should be at least 2 hour interval between your posts/reposts within the campaign
We reserve the right to slightly update the rules  during the campaign

YouTube Video Campaign


Subscribe to channel on YouTube
Make a video (or several) about the project. Please check the requirements below


A video must be devoted to and have unique content
A video should last at least 60 seconds
You agree and acknowledge that we have a right to share your video on social media and/or website
The title of the video should include and/or tag for us to check it

Feel free to make either review or selfie

A selfie video must be dedicated to your data storage preferences and what you store usually. The subtitle of this campaign is "What is your most precious data you want to store securely?" Whether it's your professional photos or video clips, your business data like system backups, in the video you should describe why this info is important to you. 

Weekly report 

Link to your YouTube channel
Video URL

Reward (per video)

Depending on the number of your YouTube channel subscribers, you can be given the following amount of stakes

100–499 subscribers—1 stake
500–999 subscribers—2 stakes
1,000–1,999 subscribers—3 stakes
2,000–4,999 subscribers —4 stakes
5,000–7,499 subscribers—5 stakes
7,500 - 9,999 subscribers — 6 stakes
Over 10,000 subscribers—7 stakes


Twitter Campaign


Follow on Twitter
You have to like at least 4 tweets per week. Only our tweets, not retweets, are counted
The number of retweets with a link to the official website and/or meaningful mentions should make no less than 5 in total (weekly)
Make at least 4 tweets about per week


You can use only one Twitter account
You  must  have no less than 200 followers
Your Twitter account must have no less than 85% or real followers (we'll be checking it at At least half of them should be interested in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, ICO
Don't strive to make your weekly quota of likes, tweets and retweets  in one day - this won't be taken into account
For all tweets and retweets, hashtag #Marketspace  and at least one of the hashtags #blockchain, #cryptocurrency, #ICO, #altcoin are obligatory
Tweets, comments to retweets and mentions should be in English

Weekly report

Twitter username
Twitter account URL
Links to your tweets about
Links to your retweets of tweets

Reward (per week)

200 - 299 followers – 1 stake
300 - 999 followers – 2 stakes
1,000 -1,999 followers – 4 stakes
2,000 - 4,999 followers – 6 stakes
5,000 - 7,999 – 8 stakes
8,000 - 9,999 - 9 stakes
10,000+ followers – 10 stakes

Facebook Campaign


Follow on Facebook
Make at least 4 quality posts about per week
Make no less than 4 reposts of posts per week
At least 5 likes per week a expected
Don't forget to provide all the links to your posts in this thread by Sunday midnight (GMT) every week. We'll track your activity and assign the stakes


You should have at least 300 friends on Facebook
At least 85% of your  friends should be real
You can have one account only
Posts must be in English, with the hashtag #marketspace and including at least one of the hashtags #ICO, #blockchain, #crypto, #cryptocurrency (any other relevant hashtags of your choice are welcome)
One post per day is allowed only (apart from reposts)

Weekly report

Link to your Facebook page
Links to your posts about
Links to your reposts of posts

Reward (per week)

300-499 friends – 1 stake
500-999 friends – 2 stakes
1,000 – 1,999 friends – 3 stakes
2000 – 2,999 friends – 4 stakes
3000-4,999 friends –5 stakes
5,000+  -  6 stakes


For Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, the number of your followers/friends/subscribers is taken as of the date when you join the campaign. We'll count your weekly stakes according to this number even if it changes by the end of the week
Should the number of followers grow enough for you to claim the next tier, ping us at, and the following week will be counted respectively
We'll monitor the number of followers and check all your reports every week

Bitcointalk Signature and Avatar Campaign


Add signature code matching your account rank. The codes can be found below
Use avatar
Make at least 10 quality posts weekly (please check the requirements below)


You have to be at least Jr. Member to use signature and avatar
Users with negative trust rating are not eligible for the campaign
Only meaningful posts in 'Alternate cryptocurrencies' section will be taken into account
Spamming is strictly prohibited
Don't delete any posts until the end of the ICO

Weekly report 

Bitcointalk username
Thread URL
Page number
Message number


The stakes will be distributed according to the rank of the participants

Jr. Member – 1 stake per week
Member – 2 stakes per week
Full Member – 3 stake per week
Sr. Member – 4 stakes per week
Hero Member – 5 stakes per week
Legendary – 6 stakes per week