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Moneto project is a service for provisions of loans in the dominated currency of bitcoins. 
Bitcoin owners can easily get money with the help of MONETO, without selling their cryptoassets. 

The Bounty Pool will be divided As Follows:

Signature: 30%
Creative Campaign & Articles Campaign: 10%
Translation: 10%
Reddit: 10%
Telegram: 15%
Twitter: 15%
Facebook: 10%

Bounty Program starts on 7/3 runs through ICO period, and ends on ICO closure. Points will be calculated after the crowdsale ends.
Unless otherwise noted, bounties will run weekly; each week beginning on Tuesday @11pm UTC +8.

                            Signature Campaign                            

The majority of our campaign is held in BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign. Join our Signature Campaign to help spread the word about Moneto on Bitcointalk. In reward for your contribution you will receive Tokens. Only members ranked Jr. Member and above are accepted.

Payment will be based on weekly stakes:
Jr. Member: 5 stakes/week
Member: 15 stakes/week
Full Member: 30 stakes/week
Sr Member: 50 stakes/week
Hero and Legendary: 80 stakes/week

Rules, Terms & Conditions:
1. The Signature should be kept until the end of the ICO, removing the signature before that time will result in a disqualification.
2. During this period you must make a minimum of 10 Posts per week in order to be considered eligible.
3. Only posts that are useful and constructive will be eligible towards the 10 post goal. Posts that are off-topic, or simply made with the intention of raising post count will be disqualified.
4. At least 3 posts should be in Altcoin Discussion.
5. A post must have a minimum length of 75 Characters to be counted towards post goal.
6. Payment will be done after stake calculation, after the end of the ICO.
7. Keep your signature on until the spreadsheet is updated with your final post count, for at least one more week, removing it before post count will not be accepted.
8. Negative trust accounts are not eligible to join.
9. Post on local language is accepted at least a maximum of five (3) per week.
10. Only user with the rank of Jr. Member and above can join.
11. You must wear our Moneto avatar.
12. 2 weeks consecutive not posting you’ll be immediately removed on the campaign.
13. Posts must be spread throughout the week not just for 1 or 2 days only. At least 2 minimum posts per day.

Change your Personal and you’ll get an additional 5 stakes per week
“The Blockchain Secured Loans”

To Participate in the Signature campaign post this code and details on the thread:
Bitcointalk Username:
Bitcointalk Profile Link:
Current post count:
Wear our avatar or personal text?:
Ethereum Address:

                    Creative and Article Campaign                    

We will reward Experienced Writers who write quality Reviews, Articles or Publications and Experienced Designers, Artists and Video Creators who create Moneto content that includes information about the ICO crowdsale or Instructions about Investments in their Blogs, Websites, Forums and Sources.

We’ll divide all Submission into 4 Categories and will reward them as follows:
High Quality: 250 stakes
Good Quality: 100 stakes
Normal Quality: 50 stakes
Low Quality: 25 stakes

EXTRA POINTS FOR YOUTUBE VIEWS (views in the first 14 days)
• 1000 - 5000: +30 stakes
• 5001 - 15000: +60 stakes
• 15001 - 50000: +110 stakes
• 50001: +200 stakes

How to Participate?
1. Join our TELEGRAM
2. Fill in this form HERE
3. Check the spreadsheet for additional information as spots fill up fast.
Feel free to ask any questions in Crestonium telegram group or in this thread.

Rules, Terms & Conditions:
1: Low Quality work will be awarded 25 stakes. For high quality work video, Speaker's voice has to be clear and the video quality should be a minimum of 480p
2: Artwork and Videos must represent original work. Copying others work is not allowed and will result in a disqualification. You can use Official Images, Artworks and other Content posted on the Website.
3: In the Description of the Video/Article you Must have one link of the official website, one link of the official bitcointalk Thread and one link of your own bitcointalk profile to prove it is original content.
4: Videos should be be more than 1 Minutes Long, shorter than that will not be taken into consideration. Animated Videos can be shorter than that, but not less than 15 seconds in length.
5: Article should exceed 500 Characters, less than 500 Characters will not be accepted. 
5: The Video/Artwork/Article has to be posted on a social platform such as Steemit, Youtube etc and has to include 2 official Links: Official Website and Bitcointalk Announcement and one link of your own Bitcointalk Profile in the bottom of your article or in the comments to prove it is original content.
6: Medium, Steemit, Newbium, and other general/free blogging platforms submissions will be accepted, but only One per User.
7: If the video or artwork is posted on a website, podcast or blog that has quality content, then 2 submissions will be accepted.(Examples: Personal Blogs with Active Users, CoinTelegraph, Popular Youtube Channels and so on)
8. Member ranks and up are the eligible to join. 

                         Translation Campaign                         

Earn Payment for translating Moneto Announcement Thread by actively moderating the thread and keeping it active by posting regular updates, news or any important announcements in the local translated thread.

Please note that a single post-dead thread is useless for the Project and will not be accepted. We expect the ANN translators to be active and to take the responsibility to moderate their threads by keeping them alive with translated official announcements, news and updates regularly. If a translator just posts the thread and leaves it dead, with no updates, he will either be disqualified or have his reward reduced by 50%.  There are additional Rewards for active Moderation, so it's a paid work.

1. ANN thread: 100 stakes
2. Website: 200 stakes
3. Whitepaper: 350 stakes
4. Moderation/ Thread Management: 2 stakes per Valid Post of Moderator/Translator

White Paper Link: WHITEPAPER[url here]

To Reserve a Language please fill the form below, and we'll get back to you shortly with a confirmation (we will choose based on quality)

Submit your reservation using this form HERE

Translation Rules, Terms & Conditions:
1. The translation should represent original work, if you use tools such as google translate, automatic translators and so on, your submission will be rejected and blacklisted.
2. For stake counting, only the posts of the OP are counted towards Moderation activity. Translators should be active, if OP becomes inactive, another Moderator will be hired for updating and moderating the thread.
3. Do not make unnecessary multiple posts to increase stake numbers, this will result in the posts not to be counted and a penalty. Increasing post count by making unnecessary posts is not allowed, and these kinds of posts will not be counted.

                            Reddit Campaign                            

Posts regarding Moneto or featuring Moneto:
10 upvotes: 5 stakes
20 upvotes: 10 stakes
50 upvotes: 20 stakes
100 upvotes: 30 stakes
200 upvotes: 50 stakes

Comments about Moneto get calculated at a 1:5 ratio compared to posts. That means, for example, a comment of 20 upvotes will get you 2 points.

To Participate:
1. Join our TELEGRAM
2. Your account should be at least 10 days old and have 5 posts or comment karma.
3. Fill the FORM HERE (to be added soon)

Rules, Terms & Conditions:
1. For a post to be counted, it needs to be posted in one of the following subreddits, or cryptocurrency related subreddits: r/bitcoin, r/ethereum, r/ethtrader, r/icocrypto, r/Moneto
2. Posts and Comments with negative Karma will not be accepted. Any kind of spam will not be rewarded either.
3. External posts should link to either Moneto subreddit posts, Moneto Website or here to the bitcointalk/ANN thread[url here]
4.Please post all the links to your work on this Bitcointalk thread at the end of every week (on Monday @4pm UTC+8).

                             Telegram Campaign                             

This Campaign awards early supporters of Moneto who join the dedicated Telegram Channel.
You can earn 5 MTO Tokens by joining our Telegram Group & Channel

1. Fill the FORM HERE

Rules, Terms & Conditions:
1. You must join our TELEGRAM main group[url here]
2. You must stay in both groups till the end of ICO.
3. You must be active in the group.
4. Spamming, trolling or abuse will NOT be tolerated.
5. All participants' applications and entries will be kept private.

                    Telegram Ambassador Campaign                    

You can earn  +1 stake per week by becoming Crestonium Ambassador. Additionally you can earn 1 stake too per constructive message in regards to Moneto on other relevant Telegram Groups (Up to 5 messages maximum per week).

1. Fill the FORM HERE

Rules, Terms & Conditions:
1. You must update your Telegram username to "Your Name | Ambassador".
2. You must replace your profile picture with this one HERE
3. To receive the extra 1 MTO Tokens per message you will have to report these here under this Bounty thread (right click on your message/post and copy the link).
3. The Telegram group must compose of 500+ members to be eligible.
4. The maximum is 5 messages per week.
5. Messages / Posts MUST be made in OTHER relevant Telegram Groups.
6. Messages need to be made in a constructive way, spamming, trolling or abuse will NOT be tolerated.
7. Use this format for submitting reports:

Week Number:
Telegram ID:
E-mail address:
Spreadsheet Number:

                    Twitter Campaign                    

Help us spread the word by participating in the Twitter Campaign and earning Tokens for your contribution. We are using points-based system; bounty will be distributed based on points awarded.

Payment will be based on weekly stakes:
Tier 1: Having 200+ followers : 10 stakes
Tier 2: Having 1500+ followers : 25 stakes
Tier 3: Having 5000+ followers: : 50 stakes
Tier 4: Having 15,000+ followers: 100 stakes