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  • Quality of Bounty thread
  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

Signature Campaign

For every qualifying post you will get:

Staff 50 BNK
Legendary & Hero Members 50 BNK
Senior Members 30 BNK


Full member & below - Not allowed  

BNK is a Banker, a token of Bankera's ICO. The price of one BNK during pre-ICO will be 0.01 EUR (approx 0.000002857 BTC)


Minimum posts per week: 10


1. Sign up at
2. Reply to this thread, that you want to participate with your username, post count and bitcoin address of your wallet.
3. You are enrolled once we will send you a PM and will post your name in this thread.

Signature has to placed at designated space and worn all time of the round.
Participants should not have negative trust.
If your status changes during a campaign you will be paid by status you have been enrolled.
You should use SpectroCoin avatar.
You should not use other site's avatar.
All posts have to be constructive and longer than 30 symbols atleast.

Disqualified posts:
Any signature campaig thread.
Off-topic and altcoin boards
Games & rounds and the investor-based games boards
Micro Earnings board
Politics & Society

Twitter campaign

Please only participate if your Twitter account is crypto orientated, all other accounts will be disqualified. You should have more than 250 followers and no bot followers, otherwise, you will be disqualified.


250-500 followers 50 BNK
500-1000 followers 100 BNK
1000-2000 followers 150 BNK
2000+ followers 200 BNK

Payments will be made from 28th of August onwards when our pre-ICO sale starts. The BNK tokens will be transferred to SpectroCoin wallet accounts.


1. Register on where bounty payments will be issued.

2. Follow @Bankeracom

3. Tweet this:

Be a part of regulated blockchain bank! token pre-sale is happening now! #cryptocurrency #blockchain

Image link:

4. Pin the tweet to your profile page.

5. Claim here:

Post a link to your twitter account, tweeted post and your SpectroCoin email address.

Payments will be settled from 28th of August.

Registered users:


YouTube campaign


Please submit a review of Bankera
Video length minimum 3 minutes
Hyperlink to
1 YouTube video per Bitcointalk account
Only high-quality and informational videos will be accepted


400 - 3000 BNK  depending on the quality of the video content.

Added bonus of sharing on Twitter/Facebook with number of followers:

100-250 followers 25 BNK
250-500 followers 50 BNK
500-1000 followers 100 BNK
1000-2000 followers 150 BNK
2000+ followers 200 BNK

*Minimum 100 followers on Twitter and 100 followers on Facebook
*Social accounts with fake followers will be denied
*All payments will be made after the publication of video
*We reserve a right to refuse participants

All the payments will be issued from 28th of August when our pre-ICO sale starts.


1. Create a account where all the payments will be issued.
2. Reply to this thread with your video review and SpectroCoin wallet address.