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  • Transparency of conditions
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Bond Film Platform Bounty Program


For any questions and updates join our Telegram:


1% of Sold Tokens (5,000,000 BFP Tokens worth $575,000) is reserved for all bounties which will be allocated according to earned stakes.

All Bounties will be paid directly to the eligible user's wallets at the end of our Public Sale phase.  

Please allow at least 2 weeks for finalizing and calculation of all stakes, tasks and assigning payments.

General Rules:

Payment Address will NOT be changed. 
Once you apply using an address – that address will be locked. 
Everyone is responsible to protect their addresses and private keys. 
Do not click on any links you've received via emails from unknown sources and slack PMs.

Once you get rejected due to any reason you'll not get accepted again.
Read all requirements before joining and follow all rules during your participation. 
We have zero tolerance policy for Rule Breakers.

Managers and Owners have the rights to make any Changes in the rules and requirements during the campaign. 
Follow this thread to stay updated.

How to:

In order to start earning stakes, you need to sign-up on our website:

After sign-up, please follow the Bounty section at the top and 

Connect your social accounts to our system to reward you automatically

Click CLAIM on the Bounty Boxes below to read the rules and to submit your claim

When submitting your claim, please be as detailed as possible and attach all the relevant links.

Our team will check each submission and will assign stakes in accordance with the rules.

The rules below are a copy of the same rules explained in the CLAIM boxes on our website 


Facebook Bounties

Like and comment bondplatform page posts!
Post or share a post about Bond Film Platform, which links to the bondplatform page.

Our system automatically recognizes your activity.


> 500.000 Friends/Followers = 5000 stakes 
> 100.000 Friends/Followers = 1000 stakes 
> 50.000 Friends/Followers = 500 stakes
> 10.000 Friends/Followers = 100 stakes
1.000 or more Friends/Followers = 10 stakes 


Twitter Bounties

Follow and retweet bond_pm on Twitter

Post or share a tweet about Bond Film Platform, which links to the bond_pm account.
Our system automatically recognizes your activity.

Rewards for tweets:

> 1.000.000 Followers = CONTACT US
> 500.000 Followers = 5000 stakes
> 100.000 Followers = 1000 stakes
> 50.000 Followers = 500 stakes
> 10.000 Followers = 100 stakes
> 1.000 Followers = 10 stakes

Rewards for re-tweets:

> 1.000.000 Followers = CONTACT US
> 500.000 Followers = 2500 stakes
> 100.000 Followers = 500 stakes
> 50.000 Followers = 250 stakes
> 10.000 Followers = 50 stakes
> 1.000 Followers = 5 stakes


Steem Bounties

Follow and repost bondpm on Steem!

Our system automatically recognizes your activity.

When submitting your bounty CLAIM, please specify the following information in description field:

Number of Steemit followers you have
Your Steemit reputation level
Your Steemit username



Medium Bounties

Follow @bondpm on Medium 

Post or share a post about Bond Film Platform

When submitting your bounty CLAIM, please make sure you have the following:

Your account must be at least 3 months old.
Minimum 500 words only unique content
At least one link to the website

Reward sizes:

> 5.000 Followers = CONTACT US 
> 4.000 Followers = 480 stakes 
> 3.000 Followers = 240 stakes 
> 2.000 Followers = 120 stakes 
> 1.000 Followers = 60 stakes


BitcoinTalk Bounties


Minimum requirement is Full Member status or higher
Write at least 80 comments within official BOND thread at BitcoinTalk
Make at least 2 comments daily

Spam is not allowed and spammers will be declined from the program and reported to moderator!

Signature Campaign: weekly rates (for the duration of the bounty program) 

Members: 10 stakes per week
Full members: 50 stakes per week
Senior members: 80 stakes per week
Hero members: 120 stakes per week
Legendary members: 180 stakes per week

Reward sizes for comments:

> 450 = 360 stakes
> 400 = 330 stakes
> 350 = 300 stakes
> 300 = 240 stakes
> 250 = 200 stakes
> 150 = 120 stakes
> 80 = 60 stakes

See below for the signature codes...


Reddit Bounties

Post and comment on our SubReddit r/bondplatform


Your account must have at least 100 post- and 20 comment-karma.
Your account must be at least 1 month old.
Posts and comments with negative Karma don’t qualify.
Posts and comments on r/bondplatform will be rewarded for up to 3 comments/posts on the same user account.
For a post to be counted, it needs to be posted in relevant subreddits for the ICO, e.g., r/bitcoinr/ethereumr/ethtraderr/icocrypto, etc.

Other Reward sizes

Post upvotes:

> 1000 = 200 stakes 
> 500 = 80 stakes 
> 250 = 80 stakes 
> 100 = 30 stakes 
> 50 = 15 stakes 
> 35 = 6 stakes 
> 20 = 4 stakes 
> 10 = 2 stakes

Comment upvotes:

> 1000 = 80 stakes 
> 500 = 80 stakes 
> 100 = 30 stakes 
> 50 = 15 stakes 
> 30 = 6 stakes 
> 20 = 4 stakes 
> 10 = 2 stakes


Telegram Bounties

How it works:

Join our Telegram group @bondpm

Fill the form: LINK


You must be active, ICO will be going till the final date or till the cap is reached.


Telegram Group Join ≈ BFP tokens equivalent of 10$. 
Bounty Pool will be limited.

Check your status: LINK


LinkedIn Bounties


Follow Bond Film Platform on LinkedIn.
Share and like posts of the Bond Film Platform LinkedIn page.
Create a post about Bond Film Platform on your LinkedIn profile.


Your LinkedIn account must have a minimum 500 Connections or Followers.
You must be an active and regular LinkedIn user, and your account must have a Public Profile status.

Reward sizes:

> 1.000.000 Followers = 10000 stakes 
> 500.000 Followers = 5000 stakes 
> 100.000 Followers = 1500 stakes 
> 50.000 Followers = 1000 stakes 
> 10.000 Followers = 300 stakes 
> 1.000 Followers = 40 stakes 
> 500 Followers = 20 stakes


YouTube Bounties

Make a request for participation in Youtube Bonus campaign LINK 


Bounty applies to a maximum of 3 videos.
Channel MUST be at least 3 months old.
Videos MUST BE at least 2:00 minutes long.
Video description must contain a link to
Videos that do not have a human voice-over will only receive 50% of the total bounty.

Appreciated topics:

Bond ICO (I’m Looking to Invest)
Token and Economy Description (Breakdown)
How Bond economy will change the world[/b].
How Bond ICO works, tutorial

Reward sizes:

> 1 mln Subs + > 300.000 Views = CONTACT US 
> 500.000 Subs + > 150.000 Views = 15000 stakes 
> 100.000 Subs + > 30.000 Views = 3000 stakes 
> 50.000 Subs + > 15.000 Views = 1500 stakes 
> 10.000 Subs + > 2.000 Views = 300 stakes 
> 5.000 Subs + > 1.000 Views = 150 stakes 
> 1.000 Subs + > 400 Views = 30 stakes

Check your status: LINK


Translation Bounties

Different languages for translations can be reserved.

But the proof of previous translation work must be shown and approved.

These are the rewards for translation bounties: 

Whitepaper translation: 10.000 stakes
Website translation: 3.000 stakes
Posts / articles translation: 500-1500 stakes depending on length


Special Program for Independent FilmMakers

If you are an independent filmmaker, production studio, a passionate team of professionals, planning to use Bond Film Platform for publishing and running crowdinvesting campaigns for your existing and future content – you may be eligible for a reward by simply filling out the FORM (coming soon...)

Proof of your existing works/portfolio must be presented.

Also, please add links to your social pages, mentions of your works in the press and in other blogs, socials and any other information that will help us identify the reward size you are eligible for.


Blog and Media Bounties

We'll Reward all Bloggers, writers, youtubers, video creators who will add their support to promote Bond Film Platform by writing reviews, blogs, articles in their website and blogs, and create video presentation. 

General Terms, Rules and Conditions:

Low-Quality Articles and Videos are not Accepted.
Article and Videos Must Be genuine. Copying other’s content, articles or ripping off stuff is not allowed. (You can use official Images, Logos, Graphics posted in the Bond’s website, ANN thread, Steem, Medium, Facebook and Twitter)
Article Must be Longer than 500 Characters, less than 500 Characters will not be accepted.
Video Must be at least 2 minutes Long. Shorter than that will not be accepted.
Article Must have 2 Links of Official Website:  and one link to your own Bitcointalk Profile at the bottom of your article to prove your authorship (if you miss this rule your entry will be disqualified and will not get accepted again).
In the description of Video you must have one link to our official website and one link to your own Bitcointalk Profile to prove your authorship.
Medium, Steemit, and other general/free blogging platforms are allowed but no more than 3 Posts per Person will be accepted in those platforms.
Up to 3 Posts and Articles will be accepted in .com .net .org and other premium websites and blogs
Manager and the Owners have the right to change any rules or make any changes to the Bounty Campaign if necessary.