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  • Bounty Manager
  • Bounty budget
  • Transparency of conditions
  • ICO prospects

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Translation Opportunity

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Guest Post Opportunity

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Translations - 0.05% 1.Thread translations - 1 Stake
Thread translations have to reach 5 pages before ICO.
No Spam
Updated with latest content
Only Start Thread if Confirmed by Jonas through email.

Whitepaper translations - 4 Stakes
Have to be done professionally.
Must have previous experience in translating white papers. (Link to Portfolio)
You will be contacted by Jonas, if you’re chosen.

Website translations - 2 Stakes
Have to be done professionally.
Must have previous experience translating websites (Link to Portfolio)
You will be contacted by Jonas, if you’re chosen.

Media - 0.2%
1.Minimum audience - over 5000 visitors on
Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Ethereum or Insurance related 1.Blogging Minimal - 1 Stake 1.Has to be at least 400 words
At least one graphic (header image)
Link to Aigang.Network

2.Blogging Quality Content - 3 Stakes 1.1000 words
At least 5 images
Link to Aigang.Network

3.Written App review - 2 Stake 1.500 words
Screenshots from the app
Experience shared
Link to download an app from the store

4.News Post - 2 Stakes 1.400 words
Link to Aigang.Network
Link to Whitepaper

Attention! Stakes multiply as the audience grow.


Audience size on Similar Web
200001 & more.

App - Maximum will be 2% 1.Referral Program - 1 Stake = 25 USD
1.Invite others through the unique link generated in the app.
2.1 Download from your link grants you 1 stake in the bounty
3.1 Stake = 25 USD in AIX tokens
4.The total of 100 stakes could be earned per link.
5.You will receive AIX tokens after ICO.

Review on Google Play Store - 2 stakes = 50 USD
1.Write a review.
2.Reviews should be comprehensive - at least 10 words said about the app.
3.Review will grant you 2 stakes of the App Bounty
4.2 stakes = 50 USD in AIX tokens.
5.Warning! Stakes earned from writing review do not show in the app!
6.After ICO, you will be contacted to the email that you used for your Google Play Store account.